Warmmaterial Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and mainly develops D.I.Y. products. 

We want consumers to experience creative action by themselves through our products.

And we also hope our products will convey the value of warmth in your life.

We hope our products will go through your hands and be there for you like your friendly friend.


We want to create creative value with consumers and grow together.
우리는 소비자와 함께 창조적인 가치를 창출하여 동반 성장하고자 합니다.


We hope that consumers will experience creative action through
what they make by themselves.

우리는 소비자가 직접 만드는 것으로써 창조적인 행위를 경험하는 것을 추구합니다.


We would like to offer you something that is useful in your life.
우리는 일상에 직접 사용하고 방안을 꾸밀 수 있는 제품을 만들고자 합니다.


We always want to be together in your life like your best friend.

우리는 언제나 당신의 편한 친구처럼 당신과 함께 하고자 합니다.


The high quality of wood

WOODSUM is made of luxurious wood at surface, so anyone can assemble a high-quality product.
The luxurious, warm, and classic feelings of wood make your home beautiful all the time.

The patented assembly techniques

We have our own patent for the unique assembly method in which assembly units connect systematically to each other.
You can also create your own great woodwork by enjoying assembly and looking at a manual that anyone can easily understand.

The Practical Usability

WOODSUM is a "real working" 3D puzzle after assembly.
Other wood assemblies are discarded after a simple decoration or time, but it can be used for watches or pinhole cameras.


WOODSUM acquired a European Safety Certification CE and is a safe and reliable product that passes EN717-12004 TEST, a formaldehyde emission test essential for European exports and also we have ISO 9001.

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